Creative hair design is just the start.

The dynamic duo of Jack and Kris Sanders bring years of training and collaboration to every client and every head of hair. Deep experience with short, long, thick, thin or difficult hair keeps their clients returning for their expertise in technical cuts and rich, lasting color. They are true technical artists.

A trend setter, fashion forecaster, stage presenter and hands-on educator, Jack has, for more than 30 years, focused his career on refining his talent and mastering his skills as a hair designer. He’s truly an expert on creative hair design.

Recognized around the world

Jack’s expertise in texture, cut and color has brought him notoriety in trade and consumer publications throughout the world. His work has been featured in more than 40 photo shoots and has graced runways in Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle.

Hair product manufacturers have tapped Jack’s talent for decades. His work for these organizations has sent him to destinations across the globe where he has shared his passion and knowledge with thousands of stylists. A highlight of his career was working alongside 40 other hair designers at La Kore Oscar Della Moda in Italy. He has also taken great pleasure in training hairdressers in France and Spain, and watching them experience lightbulb moments from his “Train the Trainers” program.

Passion and knowledge

Jack’s passion for and knowledge of the hair industry runs deep. He attributes his success to mentors who have supported him over the years. Paying that mentorship forward and sharing information with others who are committed to learning and evolving fuels his passion.

He knows dedication to doing good work and serving clients well only reaps success when these qualities are matched by a honed business sense.

Director of Education and Communication at NEUMA

A dedicated member of the NEUMA National Design Team, Jack is Owner and Hair Design Mentor at Technical Artistry Salon in Oregon. He devotes time to provide art direction and hair design for photo shoots, while also leaving enough time for his first love … working behind the chair.

Jack and Kris collaborate, share ideas and work together to provide the best possible creative hair design to each client. Whether fixing what other stylists have botched, or creating the perfect cut and color just for you, talk to Jack or Kris.

Thirty years does not describe all this creative hair designer has contributed to the hair dressing industry. Her passion and skills have received overwhelming praise from audiences and colleagues.

Traveling domestically and internationally for both manufacturers and Technical Artistry, she has gained skills and experience from dozens of experts in the field.

Fashion and hair ideas from an early age

Kris had thoughts of hair and fashion on her mind before she ever picked up that first hair dressing comb. With so many thoughts, ideas, and designs running around in her head, she knew she this was how she wanted to make people happy and help them live better lives. Her creative hair design and finishing skills have been seen from coast to coast and in numerous publications.

Over the years Kris has taken extensive workshops with celebrity hair artists from around the world, including Enzo Bonnafini, Martin Parson, Sam Villa, Ruth Roche, Sonya Dove, The Doves, Kaz Amore, Chris Barron, Alan Benfield-Bush, Gregory Davis. She has worked along side of “Sexy” Rafe Hardy and many more. Continuing education is a central goal of hair cutting and the fashion world. To be able to grow you need to know.

Her passion for the industry truly comes to the surface as she shares valuable information and industry insight. Always fashion forward in hair and fashion, she’s committed to a beautiful outcome for every client. She also offers her expertise through clinically proven Nerium products for skin and health & wellness.